Why choose a Freelance Web Designer?

So why choose a Freelance Web Designer – A freelance web designer and developer or freelancer is someone who works outside full time employment for different clients. They do not normally switch off at 5.00pm and can be contacted out of office hours. A web design company by its very nature has high overheads and requires support staff to help it run, so it is quite normal that a freelancer will cost a lot less than hiring a company or agency to complete the work on your website. Continue reading


Is SEO dead?

Sixteen years later, it seems every ‘armchair Nostradamus’ with a base level of understanding of SEO feels qualified to call it’s time a death. The latest occurrence was by Tim Anderson for the Guardian who claimed in an article titled ‘SEO is dead. Long live social media optimisation’ that SEO is manipulation that will be replaced by social media optimisation, which he claims is more user-friendly. Continue reading

SEO – An introduction

To some SEO is full of magic and hidden processes that allow your website to be on page 1 of Google. The truth is that there are no hidden formula’s to SEO! basically its common sense. Every website has what we call ‘Page Authority’ and the more inward links from other websites linking to you the higher your page authority. The best way to achieve a good page authority is to start a campaign of completing blogs, article writing and actively participating in Social Networking on Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in. Continue reading

Google penalises for poor SEO

Matt Cutts from Google has included in his blogs that he intends to penalise websites that are ‘over optimised’ on back links, directory listings and inappropriate article submissions. I have kept my ears close to the ground on this issue and lately I have been reading a few horrific stories of the outcome. I don’t want to alarm or scaremonger but you will need to go out and find the facts for yourself and consider how it could impact on you if you are a website owner. Continue reading

Starting a web project?

Things to consider before you speak to a Web Designer…..

Quite often I will get a phone call from a potential client and the first sentence I hear would be “How much is a website?”

This worries me; however I would normally continue with the call and listen to what the caller wants. After a few questions thrown to them I soon realise that the caller doesn’t really know what they want from their oncoming web project and they have not given their request much thought! They have no content to show me and cannot tell me who their ‘competitors’ are. Continue reading