Analytical Tools you should be using for your website

With a change in economic trends and every business trying to find new income streams it’s time to review your website in detail. That does not mean phoning an SEO Company to come into the office and to spend a few days analysing your website information! You should be doing it yourself. If you have invested heavily into your website you should have access to your own tools to understand the performance and more importantly gain key context from competitors. Your website analysis will show you the trends and what pages you need to concentrate on. Use it right and often and it will keep you in the right direction and keep your hits coming in.

We have included a number of analytical tools below that we use on a daily basis and each program has its own unique flavour for pulling information from your website.


Facebook Insights

Did I tell you that the new and biggest trend to hit the internet arena next year will be Social Platforms? Even Google is now gearing up for such a shakeup of its thinking and will be leading from the front in Social Media.

If you’re using Facebook for any part of your business, this is the simplest free offering from Mark Zuckerberg’s team in terms of analytics. It provides very detailed information about your follower counts, likes, comments on posts and more.Insights provide measurements on your Page’s performance. Find anonymized demographic data about your audience, and see how people are discovering and responding to your posts.

Experiment with different types of posts to see what your audience responds to best. Your Page needs to have at least 30 likes to start seeing insights.
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WooRank is a website analysis tool, where visitors can analyse different websites from an SEO point of view. We use this program daily and it actually scores the website you are analysing from 1-100 based on criteria from an SEO point of view. This tool creates a report that summarize website’s visitors data, Content, In-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Usability, and website ‘Whois’ information. The data this script shows is Traffic Estimation, Alexa rank, PageRank, Indexed pages in Search Engines, Total backlinks to websites, Meta data and Code analysis report, directory submission status, social media backlinks, etc. You can simply integrate this tool in your website or blog by placing the files on your server. There is a free version but it only allows on report per day. The Full version for the small business starts from £34.00 but if you have a few websites this is well worth the investment!
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Pear Analytics

We have been using this for over a year now and its simple and easy to use with a great Control Panel. This program will analyse any website or blog by scanning the site and a variety of data sources to determine how SEO-friendly the website is. The user will get a full report on their website with relevant and easy-to-read information and resources to show them how to fix or solve the problems in a non-technical, easy-to-follow instructions. Well worth checking out and you can take it for a spin yourself to see if it suits your needs.
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Alexa will analyse your website and then rank your result by traffic and keywords, a good feature is its ‘reputation’ score, which is simply the number of sites that link to yours, showing your site’s influence throughout the web. It will also rank your site against all the others listed in Alexa. Along with traffic stats, it tells you the top search queries that have led to your site, which will help with SEO analysis, and then it also tells you how to improve your SEO by indicating powerful keyword used by competitors.
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This analyser tools takes a somewhat different approach to the website analysis. Great tool if your income streams rely on advertising banners or products you have displayed on your website. The program uses ’eye tracking’ used in the 1980′s, to see what parts of advertisements readers focused on the most, and the order in which they looked at them. The report creates a heat map of your site, showing where users click the most on your site, along with other tools, equally as intuitive and innovate. The heat map offers quick, at a glance view, so you can visually identify the most popular areas of a given page.
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Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a must-have tool for anyone involved in search engine optimization (SEO). Developed by SEO Moz, Open Site Explorer holds a wealth of information about the link data surrounding your website (or a competitor’s site.) The link data provided by this tool can help you analyse your off-site SEO efforts and will give you insight into which direction you want to go. Give it a try today!
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence, large or small. It’s one of the most powerful digital analytics solutions available – and it’s free for anyone to use. If you have a business website but don’t have access to your Google Analytics then you really should talk to your SEO Company and request access - Its your information!

Google Analytics is a free statistics tracking and analysis service that allows web site administrators to analyse traffic flow on a web site. Although most hosting solutions come with similar software, it may not be as easily understood or as easily navigated as Google Analytics. One of the more impressive features of Google Analytics is the ability to flag certain pages as “goals.” This is specifically beneficial to e-commerce web sites. However, regardless of the purpose of a web site, Google Analytics can help make that web site better. Standard program that should be bolted on to any website.
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