Liverpool Business Loves WordPress

I have to announce that Liverpool Business loves WordPress. After my 8th Consecutive website construction in the last few weeks I have not had the need to fall back on my old ‘Dreamweaver’ tools, or spend a few late nights writing code to design HTML pages, instead I have just worked within the WordPress platform. Continue reading

Does Google like WordPress?

WordPress has been a platform of choice for many businesses and entrepreneurs. I think the last 7 designs I have done have all been on the wordPress platform. A number of clients will approach me and ask specifically for their design to be done in wordPress and clients who are not sure I will certainly try and steer them towards the wordPress direction. Continue reading

Tips to keep your website SEO friendly

Keeping your website in tune and SEO friendly can be a difficult task in this day and age, especially with all the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ you read about on the internet. SEO is very important in terms of today’s completive web world. There may be an error within your website or blogging process that could have a negative impact on your ranking! Continue reading

Business quiet? Then build your incoming enquiries via your website

Business quiet? So you have given up with sitting next to the phone and waiting for it to ring. The first initial course of action (after recovering from the hot sweated panic) is to actively get the team together and throw a few ideas about for a ‘Marketing Plan’. Maybe an advertisement shot in the local paper and a few thousand flyers to go out ‘door to door’. I don’t think that will save you in the long run! Continue reading

Analytical Tools you should be using for your website

With a change in economic trends and every business trying to find new income streams it’s time to review your website in detail. That does not mean phoning an SEO Company to come into the office and to spend a few days analysing your website information! You should be doing it yourself. Continue reading

Google Web Designer software now launched – and it’s Free!

Google Web Designer now launched, A Visual Tool For Building Interactive HTML5 Sites And for designing Ads

Google has announced today the launch of a new advertising application in beta called Google Web Designer. Google says the tool is for creating “professional-quality design” HTML5 ads and campaigns accessible to everyone from the designer to the novice. Continue reading

Web Trends for 2014 – are you ready?

I have always worked with the understanding that the internet and its technologies have moved at break neck speed and I remember writing an article on this a year or two ago. Revisiting the question and reading back on the article I now know that the technology is aggressive on three fronts, the application, design and influence which is determined by the BIG players such as Microsoft, Google and Twitter. Continue reading