Does Google like WordPress?

WordPress has been a platform of choice for many businesses and entrepreneurs. I think the last 7 designs I have done have all been on the wordPress platform. A number of clients will approach me and ask specifically for their design to be done in wordPress and clients who are not sure I will certainly try and steer them towards the wordPress direction.

Does Google Like WordPress

Google doesn’t love anything – it’s an algorithm

So why wordPress and what makes it different from a ‘handballed’ HTML website?

WordPress itself has nothing to do with SEO whether good or bad. It’s still ‘content is king’ rule of thumb, in addition to using the correct Meta tags and ensuring that your site is compliant for SEO purposes. Having worked on WordPress for some time now I have found the plugins simple to install and the simplicity of the Admin Panel makes it so much easy to add new posts on a daily basis.

A site that is growing per week by several pages will soon build up to quite a sizeable website and remember that Google will index each page sooner or later if you have unique content displayed. So in a nutshell its the format of the website that Google likes not so much WordPress!

The Goal of the search engine is to provide relevant, interesting and informative websites regarding the topic or subject that the “online user” is looking for. So theoretically all you have to do is to provide that content… There’s nothing mysterious or secret about that!

WordPress simply provides you with the platform to achieve this in a very efficient manner and by building up your WordPress blogs with fresh and unique content then you will increase your website rankings on Google. You must always remember: You are writing for people, not search engines.

Everyone wants to be up the rankings; however your readers are more important. So create content for them, not search engines.

BDI Media offer a number of WordPress design solutions to businesses in and around the Liverpool area, if your looking for a reason to switch to WordPress call me today on 07732 675 404 for an informal chat – you might be pleasantly surprised!