The impact Social Networking will have on your website

Do I need it on my Website?

Once you have entered the Social Media Playground you won’t want to come home

In the present economic climate it is ever more important for website owners to analyse every aspect of increasing hits. More and more Business’s are realising the true value of social networking and how popular user driven sites like Flickr, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook can effectively attract new visitors to their websites.

Each day, millions of users head towards social networks because these sites allow them to connect with others, share entertaining content, and build new relationships.

Social Networking

Social networking can present limitless opportunities for traffic growth for people who own and operate business based websites. However, before anyone takes the plunge into the evolving marketing medium that is social networking, they will want to understand why utilizing social marketing leads to more page views.

Where there are users, there are business opportunities!

These days there are not many people who don’t use at least one social networking site. A recent report suggests that visiting social network sites has become more popular than sending email. Here in the UK one in every six minutes of the average web user is spent at a social site.

People use Social Networking to target both larger audiences & niches

Social networking sites instantaneously allow you to have access to a larger audience and user base. Within minutes, you can establish your online presence by creating a profile on any highly-trafficked social site and begin posting information about yourself, your website, or your business. The fun begins when you start adding friends to your profile page that share the same interests as you or who may be interested in your business. You can even go so far as zeroing in on a niche of users, which can increase targeted website traffic. In time, you will attract users to your website and gain valuable back links, both of which can lead to more page views.

Most Professionals use Social Networking

Many online business owners have heard of social networking but are hesitant to use it as an advertising tool because they are under the impression that these networks only cater to younger individuals. They also sometimes feel that if their businesses aren’t interested in targeting a younger market, then they shouldn’t waste their time and they fail to see the value.

The truth is that this assumption is completely false as many of these sites specifically target career professionals, not teenagers. In a recent survey conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity, it was reported that approximately 65% of business professionals use personal and professional social networking sites. Additionally, the same online survey revealed that most professionals gravitate to social sites like LinkedIn, followed closely by MySpace and Yahoo360.

Implementing Social Networking tools can save you money

When you have millions of users at your disposal, why would you buy web site traffic via a PPC campaign? Instead, you should add social networking strategies to your online marketing plan and save yourself some money. Numerous companies, like MasterCard, are interacting with social networking applications, blogs and photo galleries. Many of the larger companies in the UK have accepted Social Networking and have built the concept into their websites. They are looking at the long term plan and understand that having the connection from website to Facebook will generate a few more thousand hits per week.

If it’s good enough for the BIG BOYS surely its going to work for you!

So who is the Top Dog in Social Networking?

In this day and age there are not many people who don’t use at least one Social Networking Site. A recent survey suggests that visiting social network sites has become more popular then sending an email. Here in the UK one in every six minutes of the average web user is spent at a Social Site.

Number 5
Founder – Michael Birch, Xochi Birch
Launched – 2004
Members – 40 million
Monthly Visits – 9.8 million
Alexa Rank – 508

Number 4
Founder – Orkut Büyükkökten
Launched – 2004
Members – 100 million
Monthly Visits – 5.1 million
Alexa Rank – 57

Number 3
Founder – Jack Dorsey
Launched – 2006
Members – 75 million
Monthly Visits – 54.2 million
Alexa Rank – 12

Number 2
Founder – Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe
Launched – 2003
Members – 130 million
Monthly Visits – 810.1 million
Alexa Rank – 16

Number 1
Founder – Mark Zuckerberg
Launched – 2004
Members – 400 million
Monthly Visits – 1.1 billion

That’s some heavy Networking – even by our standard !