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Over the years we have accommodated the needs of our clients and have moved on since the early internet days. Most of our websites we design now include connection to a MySQL database whereby the webpage pulls from the database the information that the Viewer has requested. It made sense for us to set up our own secure database and with the ever increasing demands from the latest technologies we have listened to our clients and have evolved accordingly.

Hosted Desktop

We can allocate database space to clients who require the extra storage for their online sales and have set up automated ‘backups’ for them which they can choose daily backups if they ever needed to re-install a previous backup.

A hosted desktop (also known as a virtual desktop) looks and acts exactly like a traditional PC but instead of residing locally in your office or building, all software and data are housed in a state-of-the-art data centre. The advantages of having a hosted desktops are unlimited in terms of cost savings, security, resilience, flexibility and reduced management.

Buying, setting up and maintaining PCs is an expensive exercise, especially when you factor in the associated management time and costs. Hosted Desktops remove this headache by providing you with a fully-featured desktop environment which you can connect to from anywhere via the internet – in the office, at home, coffee shop or even abroad. When accessed, a hosted desktop appears and behaves exactly the same as it would if you were accessing the data and information through a desktop PC in the office.


So why should you consider using a hosted desktop:

Work  from anywhere while on the move – anytime access to your desktop or apps, whether it be from an office, home, on the road, or even on holiday.

IT integration – combine the infrastructure of multiple offices and eliminate the need to copy files from one PC to another.

Cost savings – removes the need for expensive IT hardware, licences and support. Pay on a per-use basis.

Security and reliability – data stored in secure data centres and removes the risk of downtime in the event of hardware failure.

Business continuity – data all backed up so removes the worry of losing data. You can even restore a previous backup.

24/7 Access to your data – If your laptop fails, just move onto another device and pick up where you left off.

In addition to the below, 99% of line-of-business applications can also be supported within the environment, for your requirements please feel free to call us today on 0151 486 7896 – we know you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7 – Microsoft’s latest & greatest operating system

Microsoft Office 2010 -  Word, Excel, Access, One Note, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher
Choice of browsers - Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome
Usability tools – QuickTime Player, Adobe Reader, 7 Zip
Latest Plug-ins – Microsoft Silverlight, Flash and Java supported
Connectivity Apps – GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype
Productivity Suites - Crystal Reports, Sync Toy
Industry Specific Apps - AutoDesk Design Review, DWG True View


Microsoft Certified Partner

Flexibility: Cloud File Storage

  • Mobile Access with Print Anywhere.
  • Digital Audio.
  • Enable remote working - On-demand secure access.

Security: Web filtering, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

  • 24 x 365 UK based telephone and online IT support
  • 128-bit encryption, SSL certificates and individual password authentication.

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Our Clients come from many different backgrounds and whatever they require we are always happy to listen.

Our Clients come from many different backgrounds and whatever they require for Hosted Desktop we are always happy to listen and meet their needs. Ideal for:

  • Musician’s
  • Small to Medium Business Users
  • DJ’s
  • Accountants
  • Home User

p: 0151 486 7896
m: 07732 675 404