Website Migration

BDI Media offer Web Hosting and at times we do find that our new clients have their website hosted with another provider. We ensure a fast service for moving your website migration to us and guarantee minimum disruption to your website availability.

Website Migration to BDI Media

We can move your website files and databases from your old web hosting account to your new account on BDI Media with little fuss!

Our Website Migration service is free when you move your site to BDI Media – there are no charges applied for the process!

SEO Site Migration Checklist and 301 redirects

If you are making changes to your current website or migrating to a new site you will need to put a migration redirect plan in place.

This will ensure that you maintain the current search engine rankings of your site with all of the links built to the old pages and correctly redirect pages for returning visitors who have bookmarked your site, troche ultimately preventing loss of traffic to your new pages or website.

This is relevant whether you are changing domain or the URL string i.e. to or from to

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